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The day of pain looms

This Melbourne spring has got to be the warmest I have experienced in the few days of the past few years I have been coming here.  For someone acclimatised to Brisbane weather, where overnight temperatures in the low teens is the norm for this time of year, to arrive in Melbourne and be able to wear shorts and no jumper or jacket is a bonus and bodes well for tomorrow’s ride Around The Bay.  Whatever the weather though, I will be feeling the pain tomorrow afternoon and looking forward to the spa tomorrow night.

Qantas engineers and ground staff came to the party yesterday and didn’t unduly delay my flight south and I arrived in time to get to the Optus store at Prahran to pick up my pre-ordered black iPhone 4S 32GB.  And there I met the sales person with ADHD.  You’d think she’d have the nous to concentrate on one customer at a time and leave the one looking after the counter to deal with customers of the shop floor; or leave the answering of telephones to one of the others waiting to sign up customers eager to get their mitts on a new phone; or maybe, perish-the-thought, not try and deal with her colleagues customers as well?  But, alas, no.  She was so busy with everything except my transaction that she stuffed it up half-way though!  It only took an hour and ten minutes but now I am armed with the latest that Steve Jobs (RIP) has to offer.  The wife has now inherited the trusty ol’ 3GS.

The gathering of “Team Dave” this afternoon involved much setting up of bikes and packing of various bits of kit.  As usual for this ride we are preparing for everything from summer sun to winter sleet after some light rain and cold winds swept through Melbourne.  Tonight we filled up on carbs at Café Grand Forno in Ashburton and after a belly full of pasta and wine I’m sure none of us will be looking forward to getting up just after 4am tomorrow, especially if the wind and rain are still around.

“Rouse” is now 5h away…

Goodbye to a true hero

Hello world!

Yes, this is my first blog post. Well…if you discount any of the shit I write on Facebook or Twitter of course. Actually I have had this site for just over three months and have repeatedly either left it on the back-burner or been too buggered from work and just wanting to settle down in front of the TV with a glass of red as opposed to think of what I should try and type without typos (yes, I’m drinking a “red”).

But today is a special day. And a shit day. And not because of anything to do with what I have decided I would rather comment on. No, this has almost nothing to do with cycling (except that Damian was a triathlete). And for that I do not apologise. For today I joined almost one third of the entire strength of the Queensland Police Service as we bade goodbye to Detective Senior Constable Damian Leeding following his murder in the line of duty as he attended an armed robbery with hostages taken. The selfless response by “Damo” and his partner to yet another robbery of a Gold Coast business was par for the course for many officers. However, they were unlucky enough to be faced by one of the most violent individuals I’ve ever had the misfortune to learn about. And I did that in 2004. The truth will be known in due course but at least he has been caught. Not that this will ever compensate Damien’s wife, family, colleagues and the rest of us in “blue” for their loss. Damian, you have paid the ultimate price in fulfilment of your Oath of Service. To his wife, Sonya, two-year old son, Hudson, four-month old daughter Grace, parents, Sonya’s family and extended family: I and many others will never forget this day. We will remember him; hasten the dawn.

With honour He served…

RIP - Detective Senior Constable Damian Leeding


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